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How does the eSignature feature work on WeTravel?
How does the eSignature feature work on WeTravel?

Learn how to request a legally-binding digital signature for your documents during the booking process.

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We have partnered with eversign to incorporate legally-binding eSignatures into the booking & payment process on WeTravel. This article will quickly explain how to request a digital signature from your participants as well as how they can sign the documents during the registration.

In the trip builder, go to the last tab called “eSignature”. Here you can upload the documents that require an e-signature. By default, the eSignature feature is disabled for everyone.

Enable the feature by adjusting the toggle to “Yes” and start preparing your template.

After clicking on “Prepare Template”, the following pop-up will appear:

You can now select one or multiple documents - they will be combined into one template. Important pro tip: if you want to upload more than one document, please click on one of the files you want to select and hold the ‘Command’ key when using a Mac OR the ‘Ctrl’ key if you are using Windows. While holding Command/Ctrl, click each of the other files you want to select and click “Open”.

Next, select preferred fields in the new eversign pop-up:

Drag your selected field from the right-hand list of options onto your document.

There is no limit on how many fields you can request from your clients.

Please note that the maximum size per file is 30 MB and the maximum size per template is 100 MB. If your selected documents exceed those limits, you will receive an error message and will be asked to resize your files and try again.

Documents can be uploaded in the following formats:

  • .pdf (PDF Document)

  • .docx (Word Document)

  • .txt (Text Documents)

  • .png (Image)

  • .jpg (Image)

  • .ppt (PowerPoint)

Click on “Save” and you have successfully created a template!

It’s important to note that once your template is successfully created, you cannot edit it under your trip builder. You will need to delete your existing template first and then create a new one:

Manage eSignatures

In order to see who has or hasn’t signed the documents, simply go to "My Trips" - "Manage Trip" and navigate to the Bookings tab. Here you will find the eSignature column which will display a green icon if all the documents were e-signed and a grey icon if one or more orders under the same booking are missing the signature.

You can also filter bookings by eSignature Status:

Download Signed Documents

To download signed documents, go to "My Trips" and click on "Manage Trip". In the "Manage Trip" view, select "Booking details" OR click on the participant’s name. Then click on “Download Signed Document”. Please note that if the buyer hasn’t signed the document yet, this section will be hidden.

The client experience

Here is what your participants will see when being prompted to sign the required document after booking. This pop-up appears immediately after registering & paying for your trip.

Once signed, eversign will send a confirmation email to your client with a copy of the e-signed document. No email notification will be sent to you, but you can always check the status of signed documents in your “Manage Trip” dashboard as mentioned above.

If your client doesn’t sign the document right away, we will display a small banner on their Manage Booking dashboard – “You have one more step to go, please sign the document as required by your organizer”. In addition, eversign will automatically send them reminders to esign the documents 1 day after the booking was made and then 5 days later if they haven’t completed the signature.

Once your clients successfully sign the documents they will also be able to download the file under the “eSignature” section in their Manage Booking dashboard here:

Documents & Security

Each and every transaction happening on the eversign platform is processed by a

closely monitored server infrastructure and encrypted using industry-standard 256-bit

HTTPS Encryption. eSignatures made by eversign meet the most stringent security and authentication requirements defined in the U.S., Europe and around the world.

All the electronic documents are securely held and safeguarded with our partner, eversign. On WeTravel’s side, we take data protection very seriously: only a very small number of engineers and operations staff necessary to run and support this feature have access to the data.

Note: If some of your participants prefer to print the document and fill it out instead of signing it digitally, they can easily download the file as a PDF or print it directly from the web browser.

eSignature FAQ

Can I download signed documents in bulk?

Not currently. But, if this is a feature you need, please send us an email at so we can pass the feedback along to our team.

Can I request missing e-signatures from my clients?

This functionality isn’t available just yet. You can send your participants a message and remind them to sign the documents. Eversign will send multiple reminders too!

Will everyone in the same booking be able to sign the document?

No, only the participant listed as a Buyer (under “Buyer Information”) will be able to sign the documents. It’s advisable to add participants one by one if you want all of them to sign the documents.

What happens if I register clients on their behalf?

In case you register participants manually via the “Add Participant” function, you will not be prompted to sign the documents during the registration. Your clients will be able to log in to their WeTravel account and sign the required documents themselves.

Is this feature available to the team members?

Team members with “Edit the Trip” permission will have access to add documents that must be signed by the clients. All the team members of Pro users with “View Participant Info” permission will have access to download signed documents.

Will participants get email notifications after they sign the document?

Your clients will receive a confirmation email from eversign after they successfully sign the document. Only if they haven’t signed the documents yet, a reminder will be sent 1 day after the booking was made and then the second reminder will be sent 5 days later.

Does this feature work on both mobile and web browsers?

The web version of eSignature is fully available to you and your clients, while the mobile version has some limitations. Participants can sign, view, and download documents on the mobile browser. Organizers can view and download the signed documents, but cannot upload or delete the documents using a mobile browser.

Can I customize or add new fields into the eversign template?

No, unfortunately you cannot edit or add new fields to the eversign template. Please contact us at if you have any feedback, encounter any issues or want to learn more about our eSignature!

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