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How to add previously registered clients to your trip?
How to add previously registered clients to your trip?

Learn how to import customers who have already signed up elsewhere.

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Do you have participants who have already paid you outside of WeTravel and you'd like to add them to your trip for trip management purposes? Use the "Add Participant" function to add clients manually to your trip dashboard. You only need your client's name and email to add them to your trip.

To start, please go to your trip dashboard and choose "Add Participant".

You can now add participants. 

  1. Choose the number of people in the booking. 

  2. Choose the appropriate package and 

  3. Check any applicable add-ons before

  4. Click "Continue"

You can now enter the participant's name and email address. You may skip the rest of the fields in the participant questionnaire if you don't have that information available (no worries, your client can always log in to their WeTravel account and make changes to the questionnaire).

Click here to learn how you can request missing questionnaire answers from your participants after you have added them to the trip.

Click on "Continue to Payment" once ready with filling in the information.

You can now process your client's payment. There are 4 payment options:

  1. Deposit + the rest -- this allows you to record the deposit first. Client's balance due will be the remaining amount. Option to use payment plans.

  2. Full amount -- this allows you to record the full price of the trip. Client's balance will be fully paid.

  3. Enter Amount -- this allows you to record a custom amount being paid at your discretion. You can see the amount entered as "Due Now" on the right side of the payment window. Client's balance due will be trip price less amount entered.

  4. No payment made yet -- this allows you to sign up a participant without any payments upfront. Client's balance due will be the full trip price.

You can now choose the payment method. There are 3 options, please choose the Cash or Check option. If you're interested in collecting a payment from the client while registering them, please check out this article.

You can use the "Cash or Check" option to record any other previously made payment, be it cash, a wire transfer, PayPal or Venmo payment, etc. Using the "Cash or Check" option, there is no transaction fee applied. You can choose if you'd like your client receiving a booking confirmation email by checking the box.

We highly recommend to use the note field to indicate what the previous payment was (e.g. "PayPal received on July 8") so you and your client will know what this payment refers to.

Click on "Confirm Booking" and you have signed up your client! You will see the following message: "Participant successfully added".

You can now manage that participant's booking as usual!

FAQ about "Add Participant" function

How can my client access their booking?

They can easily access their booking by signing in to WeTravel with the email address you signed them up with. If they're having trouble with logging in please feel free to refer them to for troubleshooting.

What are the fees using Add Participant function?

Regular WeTravel pricing applies unless you're recording a cash/check payment, for which we don't charge any fees.

Can I change the participant questionnaire information after I've confirmed the booking?

I've set up a payment plan for other clients. I just added a new client manually, will the payment plan be automatically applied?

If your pricing package has a payment plan already set up then it will be automatically applied. If not, you can always add one from the trip dashboard. Here's how

How is the payment plan affected if I sign a client up with a custom amount?

The payment plan will have the same dates as before. The balance due will be reduced by the amount you've just entered. The payment will first be applied to the deposit. If it's larger than the deposit, it will be applied to the deposit and the first installment. If it's even larger, it will be applied to deposit, first installment and second installment, and so forth.

I've added multiple participants at once. Will they all get booking confirmations?

Only the person who is added in "Buyer Information" will get a confirmation email. It's more advisable to add participants one by one if you want all of them to get a confirmation email.

I'm adding multiple participants at once. Can they pay with different payment methods?

They can only pay with different payment methods if they create a contribution page for the booking.

Is the payment information saved?

No, for security purposes we don't save your client's payment information.

Are my Terms and Conditions that I have added on my profile included in this function as well?

Yes, they are. You can add your own Terms and Conditions to the checkout process and they are agreed to when you click on "Confirm Payment".

Can I manually add participants after the pricing package deadline has passed?

No, please adjust the pricing package deadline first.

Can I manually add participants if I've reached the maximum number of trip participants or reached the availability of the pricing package?

No, please adjust the trip availability first. Here's how.

Can I change the note after confirming the payment?

No, unfortunately, the note cannot be changed after confirming the payment.

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