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How to request missing client information?
How to request missing client information?

Learn how to request missing questionnaire answers with a few clicks.

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To request missing participant information and documents, just follow these easy steps!

1. Go to your "Manage Trip" dashboard by clicking on "My Trips" and then on "Manage Trip".

2. Navigate to the "Messages" section and click on "New Message".

If the trip is recurrent, you can select if you want to message all participants or only those on specific dates.

* For recurring trips you can only schedule messages when you select "future departure dates"

You can now customize the subject line, sender, message, and reply address in the dialogue box. Make sure that "Send To" is set to "Everyone with missing booking details."

You can attach a file or multiple files to your message if needed.

When you click "Send Now", it will only be sent to participants with empty obligatory fields in their participant information questionnaire.

📨 Do you wish to send your message at a later point instead of now? Click here to learn more about how our message scheduling feature works.

Copy the message

Do you perhaps want to resend the message to your clients? Click on the three dots next to any message and select "Copy" from the drop-down menu. This will create an identical copy of your message while you will have a chance to modify any of the message fields according to your needs.

Please contact us at if you encounter any issues or want to share any feedback.

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