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How to update participant questionnaire information on behalf of your client?
How to update participant questionnaire information on behalf of your client?

Learn how to quickly modify client registration form for your existing bookings.

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To update client details in the participant questionnaire, go to "My Trips" and click on "Manage Trip". In the "Manage Trip" view, select "Booking details" next to the participant's name:

Scroll all the way down to “Participant Information” and click on “Update Information”.

You can now update information in your client’s questionnaire. Make sure to click on “Update” in order to save all of your changes. Please note that your newly added information will be immediately updated and available in your Excel report in your trip dashboard.

Update Participant Information FAQ

Is this feature available to the team members?

Team members with “Issue Refunds & Change Bookings” permission have access to this feature.

Will participants get notifications about the changes to their participant questionnaire?

No. No email notification will be sent to your clients after you update the questionnaire.

You, the trip organizer, will receive notifications when your participants update their traveler information. You can manage your email notification settings here.

What if I want to edit the buyer's email or name on the booking?

Your clients are able to make changes themselves under the Profile - Edit Profile section in their WeTravel account. If you wish to modify those details on their behalf, please contact us at and we will be glad to assist!

Can I update participant questionnaires in bulk?

No, please update your clients’ questionnaires one by one.

Can I request missing client information if needed?

Yes, you can request missing participant information and documents by following these instructions.

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