How to set up a Contribution Page?

Learn how to create a page to fundraise and collect payments from your family and friends to pay towards your trip balance.

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Would you like for your friends, family and other supporters to help with the cost of your trip? It's now easy to fundraise by creating a contribution page for your booking. Here's how to do it with a few easy steps:

1. Sign in, click on My Trips and choose the trip you would like contributions for. Click on Manage Booking.

2. Click "Share Your Contribution Page" on the right side of the page.

3. You can now share the link with your friends and family members and they can donate to your trip. If you'd like to edit your contribution page, please click on the blue link.

4. You can update your profile picture, page title, name, and description by clicking on the "Edit Page" option. The contribution page displays information and pictures regarding the trip, and your friends and family can conveniently make payments by clicking on the "Contribute Now" button.

Once you have clicked on the "Save Changes" button, your contribution page will be updated and the changes you made will be saved.

Contributions page FAQ

Can the contributed payment be refunded?

Please contact your trip organizer with refund requests.

Can multiple people contribute for my trip?

Yes, there is no limit for the people who can contribute per booking.

Can I deactivate and reactivate their contributions page?

Yes, you can deactivate or reactivate your page at your convenience. Once a contributions page has been deactivated no further contributions can be submitted. Here's how to do it:

1. Click "Share Your Contribution Page" on the right side in Manage Booking.

2. Click on "Deactivate contribution page" in the pop-up.

You can reactivate the contribution page by clicking on "Share Your Contribution Page" again.

What info is required from the contributor?

The contributor simply enters the contribution amount, name and email.

What is shown on the contributor's credit card statement for these payments?

Contribution payments will be shown on the credit card statement under the statement descriptor "WT* Participant First Name Trip Payment" and it's maximum 22 characters long (e.g. WT* John Trip Payment).

What is the minimum contribution?

The minimum amount that can be contributed is $5 or the equivalent amount in the trip's currency.

What is the maximum contribution amount?

The maximum contribution amount is the remaining balance (including installments due in the future). E.g. if the participant has paid $200 of a $1,000 trip then the maximum amount that the contributor can pay is $800.

Can the contributor choose the amount they want to pay?

Yes, the contribution payment amount can be freely chosen.

Is the contribution page available in all currencies?

Contribution pages are available in all currencies. Additionally, contributors can select to pay in USD, EUR, or GBP if the trip is priced in any of these currencies:

If you cannot find the "Share Your Contribution Page" button on your booking dashboard, please contact your trip organizer and inquire about the service.

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