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How to download a monthly statement using transactions reporting?
How to download a monthly statement using transactions reporting?

Learn how to quickly get a periodic statement of your transactions.

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All you need to do is access our transactions reporting and have your spreadsheet software ready! Here are the 3 steps of downloading the report:

1. To access the transactions reporting feature, simply find "Payments" on the menu. After that, choose "Transactions Reporting" on the left side.

You will now see a complete overview of all of your payments, refunds, payouts, supplier transfers, etc. done through WeTravel.

2. To download any periodic statement, just filter the report by date to choose the period you're interested in. In our example, we're looking at September 2020. If needed, you can also add a currency filter.

3. Once you've set the desired filter you can download your custom report by clicking on "Export".

Here's what the report covers (you can always further filter the report with your spreadsheet software as needed):

a) The first sheet (Summary tab) shows your opening and closing balance for the period. If you have collected multiple currencies then each of the currencies is presented separately.

b) The second sheet (Reporting Transactions) shows a list of all of your transactions for that period. More info on the report here.

You have successfully downloaded a report with all of the transactions for that month and you have an overview of the opening and closing balance for the month.

Please note that the opening and closing balances only work with no filters (you will see the opening and closing balance of your whole transaction history) or with the date and/or currency filter.

When filtering by trip or transaction type you will find useful to review the Running balance column in the Reporting Transactions sheet to verify what the running balance was after each specific transaction.

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