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How to access bank transfers and payouts reporting?
How to access bank transfers and payouts reporting?

Learn how to use our reporting feature to access information about your payouts and bank transfers for accounting and export purposes.

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To access the reporting feature, simply find "Payments" on the menu. After that, choose "Transfer Reporting" on the left side.

You will now see a complete overview of all of your bank transfers made through WeTravel.

You can now download a complete report of your bank transfers by clicking on "Export" or can filter the transfers based on the following criteria:

  1. Date - set a time period

  2. Transfer Type - local payout, international wire, adjustment, supplier transfers, card transfer, instant payout, conversion

  3. Amount - set a range for the payment amount

  4. Currency

Once you've set desired filters you can download a custom report by clicking on "Export".

Here's what the report covers (you can always filter the report with your spreadsheet software as needed) :

Date created (UTC) - the date the transfer was initiated on
Date updated (UTC) - the date this transfer was last modified
Amount - payout amount
Status - successful/pending/failed
Currency - the currency of the transfer
Type - local payout/international wire/adjustment
Beneficiary - the name of the beneficiary receiving the funds
Bank Name - the name of the bank receiving the funds
Brand - credit card company
Last 4 Digits - of the bank account/card
Note - the note added to the transfer/payout

Alternatively, you can also see the information listed above if you click on any of the transfers and press "Show Transfer Details".

For USD payouts, you can view their status directly on Stripe when you click on "Check Status"

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