To access the reporting feature, simply find "Payments" on the menu. After that, choose "Payment Reporting" on the left side.

You will now see a complete overview of all of your payments collected through WeTravel.

You can now download a complete report of your payments by clicking on "Export" or can filter the payments based on the following criteria:

  1. Date - set a time period
  2. Payment Source - bank, card or cash
  3. Status - successful, pending, refunded, failed, disputed
  4. Amount - set a range for the payment amount
  5. Currency
  6. Trip - choose any or multiple of your trips

Once you've set desired filters you can download a custom report by clicking on "Export".

Here's what the report covers (you can always filter the report with your spreadsheet software as needed) :

Date created (UTC) - the date the payment was initiated on
Date updated (UTC) - the date this payment was last modified (e.g. by a refund)
Amount - trip/deposit/installment price
Status - successful/pending/refunded/failed/disputed
Currency - the currency used for the trip
Source - bank/card/cash
Type - credit/debit card type
Last 4 Digits - of the card used
Refunded - reflects the amount connected to the payment that has been refunded
Converted Amount - applicable if your trip is priced in any other currency than USD, EUR or GBP. This is "Amount" converted to USD at "Date created (UTC)" based on Stripe's internal currency conversion rate.
Participant Card Fee - debit/credit card fees paid by the participant for this payment (populated if card fee is passed on to participants)
Amount Paid by Participant - total amount paid by participant (incl. card fees)
Organizer Card Fee - debit/credit card fees paid by you, the travel organizer for this payment (populated if card fee is absorbed by you)
Payment Processing - WeTravel payment processing fee
Net Amount Available - net amount available for payout
Buyer Name - name of your client
Buyer Email - email of your client
Participant Email - email entered in the participant questionnaire
Participant Name - name entered in the participant questionnaire
Discount Code - discount code used (if any)
Trip Name
Organizer Name - your name
Organizer Email - your email

Alternatively, you can also see the information listed above if you click on any of the payments and press "View payment details". You will also have direct access to that trip's dashboard:

To learn how to get an overview of your bank transfers and payouts please read this article.

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