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How to access top-up reporting?
How to access top-up reporting?

Learn how to use our top-up reporting feature to access information and detailed data about your top-up payments.

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To access the top-up reporting feature, simply find "Payments" on the menu. After that, choose "Top-up Reporting" on the left side.

You will now see a complete overview of all of your top-up payments.

You can now filter the payments based on the following criteria:

  1. Date - set a time period

  2. Payment Source - bank or card

  3. Status - successful, pending, failed, disputed

  4. Amount - set a range for the payment amount

  5. Currency

Here's what is detailed for every payment:
Date created (UTC) - the date the payment was initiated on
Date updated (UTC) - the date this payment was last modified

Source - bank/card

Type - bank name

Number - last 4 digits of payment method

Status - successful, pending, failed, disputed


Organizer Card Fee - debit/credit card fees paid by you for this payment

Payment Processing - WeTravel payment processing fee (always $0.00 for top-ups)

Net Amount Available - net amount available for refunds and payout

You can see the information listed above if you click on any of the events and press "View top-up details".

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