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How to add a PDF document to your WeTravel page with Google Drive?
How to add a PDF document to your WeTravel page with Google Drive?

Learn how to add a direct link to a PDF or any other document in your WeTravel trip page by using a Google Drive URL/Link

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Learn how to add a PDF to your WeTravel page by using a shareable Google Drive link.

Tip: This does not only apply for PDFs but for any files (videos, spreadsheets, etc..).

1. Log in to Google and go to Google Drive by clicking the icon in the top right corner.

Note: You need a Google or Gmail Account. You can sign up for free at

 2. Upload your PDF to Google Drive. You can choose "Upload" from your right-click menu or just drag the file into Google Drive. Right-click on the PDF file you just uploaded and click "Get link".

3. Copy the link that is displayed. Please make sure that the file is to open to the public. To do that, click on the sharing settings and choose "Anyone with the link".

4. Go to your WeTravel Trip Builder and go to section 2 "Trip Description".
With your mouse, select the words that you want to be the active link.

5. Click on the link icon above the text field (marked red) and insert the Google link that you copied in step 4. Then, click on the check-mark.

6. That's it, your link is now added to your trip page. 

Note: If your trip is already published, remember to press "Publish" to update your trip.

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