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How to top-up your account?
How to top-up your account?

Learn how to issue a refund even if you have insufficient or no funds available in your WeTravel account.

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Please note that you will have to verify your account before you can top-up your WeTravel balance. Top-ups can be used for refund purposes only.

You might encounter the following situation when issuing a refund:

You have collected payments through WeTravel and now want to refund participants. However, when clicking "Refund", you get the notification "You do not have enough funds available to issue this refund." This happens because you have already paid out the funds you are trying to refund (e.g. you already transferred money to your account or to a supplier).  Here's how to top up your balance to issue a refund.

Top up your WeTravel balance

If you wish to refund in the WeTravel system, you must add funds to your account. The easiest way is to use the Top-up functionality on the Payments page.

Please click on the currency you wish to add funds to and then click on the "Top Up" button:

Top-Up USD Balance
Credit card - 2.9% service fee (3.9% for AMEX), funds available instantly
US Checking account - Free, funds available in 5 business days

Top-Up GBP Balance
Credit card - 1.9% service fee (2.9% for AMEX), funds available instantly

Top-Up EUR Balance
Credit card - 1.4% service fee (2.9% for AMEX), funds available instantly

Top-Up AUD / CAD / ZAR Balance
Credit card - 2.5% service fee (2.9% for AMEX), funds available instantly

Alternatively, you can also Top-up with a Wire Transfer.

Once your payment comes through, you will have enough funds in your account to do refunds. 

Keep in mind if you pay via bank transfer, your payment will take up to 5 business days to become available and will be marked as "pending" in the interim. Once the funds have come through and are available for payout, they can be used to perform the refunds.

When topping up your account you are not paying any fees outside of potential wire transfer or credit card fees.

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