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Upcoming Payments on your Dashboard
Upcoming Payments on your Dashboard

View how much you can expect to receive next month, how much is past due, and what your cash flow is for the upcoming period.

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Please note that this is a WeTravel Pro feature.

To get to the upcoming payments view, select the “Dashboard” tab and click on “Upcoming Payments”:

Upcoming Payments Overview and Graph

You will now be able to see the past due amount, upcoming today, this week, and this month on the top of this screen.

On the top right, you can select the currency and the trip.

You will only see the information for the currency you have selected. This means you will only see the data for trips you receive in EUR if you have chosen EUR.

Similar to the currency selection, you will only see the information for your selected trip. If you leave this field empty, you will see the information for all trips.

Right below, you can edit the settings for the upcoming payments view. You can set the period, which is set to 6 months by default in the system, including the current month (starting on the 1st).

Other filter options are:

  • Next 3 months (including this month)

  • This month (counting from the first day of the current month to the last day of the current month)

  • This quarter (counting from the first day of the first month in the current quarter till the last day of the previous month)

  • This year (all the days in the current calendar year)

Note: this graph will show only the currency you select in the top right corner.

You can click on the legend items to deselect them and only see the remaining options.

When you hover over a bar in the graph, you will see the total of the highlighted segment in a small pop-up and the date range.

Hovering over the graph will also show the download button to save the information.

This is a very basic report. For more information, it is best to use the trip-specific report on the manage trip page.

Upcoming Payments

You can filter the table in upcoming payments by Payment Status, Amount, and Date.

You can change the currency and filter the trip in the top right to see the information for specific trips and in other currencies.

In this table, you will see the following:

Amount: The current amount due. If a participant has multiple missed or upcoming payments, they will show as separate records here.

Customer: The name and email of the buyer

Trip: Name of the trip. This link will take you to the manage-trip page, with an overview of all the buyers and participants, regardless of payment status.

Next to that, you will see the status of the payment.

This report does not show paid amounts, only upcoming payments that are due or past due.

Date: The date this payment is/was due.

When clicking on the 3 dots next to any client, you can View Payment Details or Manage This Booking:

View Payment Details: In this screen, you can see a quick overview of the payment details, such as the setting for auto-billing, complete email, trip total, etc.

Upcoming payment is the payment record only for this row. If multiple payments are due, this will still only show the record for the payment due on this date.

Trip Total is the total value of the trip, regardless of paid, due, or past due amounts.

Total Outstanding is the total trip that still needs to be paid. This includes all past due and due amounts.

Manage This Booking will take you to the trip page with the selected buyer.

Here you can do all the standard actions for this buyer, such as sending them messages, initiating refunds, or canceling the booking.


When does the Day / Week / Month start?

The time used is UTC, the week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Each month begins on the first of that month, regardless of whether it is a weekday.

Can I see an overview of all the due payments of one buyer?

You can see a single buyer's due and past due payments by selecting the status you want to see on the manage trip page.

Why is the amount shown here different from what I see on the trip page?

This page will only show the amounts to be paid in the future or are late to be paid. Any fully paid bookings or canceled bookings will not show up here.

What due date will be used if no payment plan is in place?

If there is no payment plan, the due date we will use is the trip start date instead.

What access will my team members have?

You can give your team members access by giving them permission to View Full Reporting & Available Balances.

You can learn more about the reporting dashboard in this article: What is possible with the reporting Dashboard?

If you have any further questions that this article does not answer, or if you have any suggestions, please write to us at

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