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What is possible with the reporting Dashboard?
What is possible with the reporting Dashboard?

Learn how to use our reporting dashboard feature to assess both account- and trip-level analytics!

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To access the reporting dashboard, simply click on "Dashboard" in the main menu:

You will now be able to filter your Cash Flow dashboard view by desired date range, trip(s) included, and currency in order to see a customized overview of your sales activity on WeTravel. (Click here to open our documentation about the Upcoming Payments tab).

Important tips:

  1. Don’t worry if you select multiple filters at the same time - they won’t cancel each other out. The only thing to keep in mind is that re-setting the currency choice after the first set of filters has been applied WILL override any other previously set filters.

  2. The trips filter allows you to filter between all trips, a specific set of trips, or one specific trip. By default, we show all your trips' data in the dashboard.

  3. In order to see all-time (inception-to-date) data, please clear the date filter by clicking on the “x” symbol:

  4. The currency filter displays WeTravel’s six main currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD and ZAR. The default currency of the dashboard is USD. No data is shown in the reporting dashboard for trips denominated in currencies other than these six.

Here's what the dashboard covers:

Payments collected - total payments collected, including cash payments. Refunds and disputes are not deducted.

Net collected - net payments collected, including cash payments. Refunds, disputes and fees are deducted.

Sales - total value of packages and add-on options sold during the period, including expected future payments. Any discount codes used are already deducted and canceled bookings are not included.

Available balance as of today - current balance available for payouts.

Total payouts as of today - total payouts to date.

Bookings - number of participants booked in the selected period.

Cancellations - number of cancellations for bookings made in the selected period.

Waitlisted - number of people signed up for the waitlist.

Leads - number of leads who have downloaded a brochure or contacted you from the trip pages (date and currency filters do not apply).

Add-on options - number of add-ons sold in the selected period.

Add-ons canceled - number of canceled add-ons booked in the selected period.

Disputes - amount disputed during the selected period.

Refunds - amount refunded, including cash refunds.

Cash refunds - cash refunds during the selected period.

Contributions - total payments collected through contribution pages.

Cash payments - total payments collected as “cash/check”.

Please click here to learn about the Upcoming Payments tab on your Dashboard.

FAQ about the dashboard feature

Does this feature work on both mobile and web browsers?
You can easily access the dashboard on web and mobile browsers.

Is this feature available to team members?

No, team members won’t have access to view the dashboard of the main account just yet. If this is a feature you need, please send us an email at so we can pass the feedback along to our team.

Will I be able to access the dashboard if I have connected my Stripe Standard account with WeTravel?

For Stripe Standard users, we will only show the activity received before connecting the Stripe account with WeTravel.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the dashboard feature. We will be happy to help! 🙂

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