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Learn about the “Ask A Question” feature and how it can help you generate more leads on WeTravel!

WeTravel provides potential customers with two ways to contact you, the trip organizer. Firstly, this can be done directly on the trip page that you share with your clients:

Or, if clients click on your account name, they can also contact you directly from your WeTravel profile page:

Here’s what clients will see once they click on the “Ask A Question” button:

Note: All fields, except “Phone Number”, are mandatory.

After the question is successfully submitted, you (the organizer) will receive it in your email inbox and will be able to reply to the client’s inquiry directly from there. Team members will receive a copy of the question too, but only if the question was submitted via the page of the trip that was created by them on behalf of the main/parent account OR if they haven’t created the trip but have “Receives notifications for all trips they can access” activated in their team member settings.


With WeTravel Pro, you can easily access the list of all of the emails that contacted you from your trip and profile pages. This will help you to gauge potential buyers’ interest in your trips as well as generate new leads.

Just go to "My Trips" - "Manage Trip" and navigate to the "Leads" section. Here, we will list emails in the table following the order of the question date. If the requester has signed up for the trip, we will display "Booked" close to their email under the "Booking Status" and "Not Booked" if they sent you a question or downloaded your brochure but haven't signed up for the trip just yet.

By clicking on the three dots next to a client, you will be able to view Lead Details as well as send your leads an email via the "Send Message" option. Note: Team members with "Send Messages to Participants" permission will have access to send messages too.

Additionally, you can filter leads by Booking Status, Lead Type and Request date:

Don’t worry if you select multiple filters at the same time - they don’t cancel each other out.

Learn more about the Download Brochure generated leads here.

Finally, all information regarding asked questions is available in the downloadable Excel sheet in your trip dashboard. The last tab called "Leads" will cover:

1. Email

2. Name

3. Phone number

4. Lead type

5. Booking Status (Booked/Not Booked)

6. Question

7. Date created

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to share your feedback!

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