WeTravel "Team Members" allows you to give other users access to manage your trips on your behalf. Here is how:

Add a team member
Go to "Profile" 

Click on "Team Members" and then the "Add Team Member" link

Specify the team member's permissions
In the popup to add a team member, you have several choices:

Email: Add the team member's email. If that team member does not have a WeTravel account yet, an invitation email will be sent to the email address you provide. As soon as the team member signs up on WeTravel, they will be a team member. If the team member already has a WeTravel account associated with that email account, they will automatically become an active team member

Create Trips:
Decide if you want to let the team member create trips in your name and on your behalf. Even if they create trips in your name, they will still not be able to control funds. Only you as the main account holder will have access to initiate the payout of funds.
P.S. If a team member copies a trip, then the original organizer will be locked in.

Access to trips: Decide, which trips you want the team member to be able to access. You can select all trips, only selected trips (via a tick-box feature), or only give the team member access to trips they've created themselves in your name.

Permissions: Decide, which level of access do you decide to grant the team member; they will always have the right to view participant information and client files uploaded.
Send Messages to Participants: authorization to send messages to the participants.
Manually Add New Participants: authorization to add new participants to the trip (including registering payments on behalf of clients).
Edit the Trip: authorization to edit the trip description and pictures.
Issue Refunds & Change Bookings: authorization to issue refunds, cancel and switch bookings.

Email Notifications: Decide, which email notifications the team member receives. They can either receive notifications for only the trips they have created or for all of the trips they have access to.

Removing Access

Once you added team members, you can always edit their access or remove their access completely:

View for the team member
The team member will see all trips that you have given them access to in their "My Trips" list. If they are co-organizing a trip of yours, they will see  "Created by" next to the trip. In the example below, "Sunny Sky Travel" is the main account holder who has added "Travel Co. Concierge Team" as a team member and given them access to their trip.

Permissions of team members:
You can set specific permissions for each team member when you first set up their team member account. These permissions can be edited anytime.

Team members can NOT access or transfer the collected funds, even if they have created the trip. They also cannot see the amount of funds the main account holder currently has available in their WeTravel account. Only the main account holder can initiate transfer of funds from their WeTravel account.

Team Member FAQ: 

How to share limited access of your trips to your team or clients?

How to organize a trip on behalf of someone?
Creating a trip on behalf of someone is easy. Just make sure to select the person/company that you're working for when checking the selection "Organize trip as" in the the Trip Basics section. The organizer will be locked in after the trip has received its first booking.

By doing this you can make sure that all of the funds collected are stored in one place - the main account. All itineraries created by team members will still show parent person/company logo and information.

I'm co-organizing a trip, how can I add the co-organizer to the trip page?
Giving a team member access to your trip does not change the way the trip is displayed to participants. Other team members will be able to manage your trip, but your participants won't know that. You as the main account holder will still show up as the only organizer. 

If you want to show participants that the trip is co-organized, there are two ways to display that: 

  1. Change your existing profile (or create a new user) with the profile name being a combination of your names (e.g. "Jane & John" instead of "Jane Doe").

  2. Add a custom paragraph "Organizers" in the "Trip Description" when you create your trip. In this paragraph, you can give more information about the various organizers.

How can I give access to a team member to a few selected trips AND also all the trips that she/he created?
If you tick the box "Allow team member to create trips on my behalf", team members will automatically have access to the trips they created (until you delete them). So, if you want to give them access to a few selected trips in addition to the trips they've created, simply tick the box "Allow team members to create trips on my behalf" AND click "Select Trips" for the trips you've previously created and want to also provide them access to.

What emails/notifications will I receive? What emails does a team member receive?
If a trip is created by your team member on your behalf, then you will both receive all notification emails related to that trip (new bookings, inquiries from participants, etc.).

For each team member, you can decide whether they receive notifications for only the trips they have created or for all of the trips they have access to.

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