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How does the Download Brochure feature work on WeTravel?
How does the Download Brochure feature work on WeTravel?

Learn how your existing and potential customers can access essential trip-related information in the form of a downloadable PDF document.

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Do you want to promote your trip with a nice downloadable trip brochure or perhaps want to allow your already registered participants to have all trip-related information in one single document? The Download Brochure feature is now available to all of your published trips.

If you’d like to enable or disable this feature on your WeTravel account, you can easily do that in your Profile section by adjusting the toggle to "Yes" or "No":

By default, the Download Brochure feature is enabled for everyone. Your existing and potential customers are able to download your trip brochure on the trip page:

Here's what it looks like to your participants once they click on the Download Brochure button:

After entering their email address, they will instantly receive an email from us with further instructions.

Once your customers click on the “Download” button, they will see all the trip-related information as PDF. This is what the brochure will cover:

1. Cover page

2. Trip Overview

3. Packages & Options

4. Itinerary

5. Your Organizer (Your picture, location and contact info)

6. Last page (General information about WeTravel)


With WeTravel Pro, you can easily access the list of all of the emails that downloaded your brochure either from your WeTravel trip page or your own website (check how you can easily embed it there). This will help you to gauge potential buyers’ interest in your trips as well as generate new leads.

Just go to "My Trips" - "Manage Trip" and navigate to the "Leads" section. We will list emails in the table following the order of the brochure download date. If the requester has signed up for the trip, we will display "Booked" close to their email under the "Booking Status" and "Not Booked" if they downloaded the brochure but haven't signed up for the trip just yet.

By clicking on the three dots next to any client, you will be able to view Lead Details as well as send your leads an email via the "Send Message" option. Note: Team members with "Send Messages to Participants" permission will have access to send messages too.

Finally, all information regarding the brochures downloaded is available in the downloadable Excel sheet in your trip dashboard. The last tab called "Leads" will cover:

1. Email

2. Booking Status (Booked/Not Booked)

3. Brochure Request Date

Download Brochure FAQ

Is this feature available to both Basic and Pro plan users?

While the Download Brochure feature is available to everyone, the tab "Leads" is only enabled for WeTravel Pro users.

Can I turn it on only for specific trips?

No, when turned on it will be enabled for all your published trips on WeTravel.

Does this feature work on both mobile and web browsers?

Yes, your participants can download the brochure on both web and mobile browsers.

What happens if the trip builder is updated with the new information?

Don’t worry if you publish any changes on your Trip Builder - all dynamic trip page information will be available in the PDF brochure.

Can I embed the Download Brochure button into my website?

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to share your feedback!

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