Partial Approval decision

Learn how to move forward as a partially approved account with WeTravel.

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The most common verification decision for our new users is Partial Approval. This is completely in line with the approval processes of most other travel booking and payment platforms. If you are a new venture without established payment history or an individual organizer without much experience in organizing trips, you are very likely to receive a Partial Approval decision.

Let’s say that your WeTravel account was granted partial verification approval status after you provided us with all the documents. What’s next?

WeTravel + Stripe Standard account

You can connect an existing or new Stripe Standard account with WeTravel and all funds will flow immediately into your Stripe account and bypass WeTravel altogether. WeTravel has no visibility or access to your Stripe account or your payout schedule with Stripe. Payouts to your bank account are done directly in Stripe.

Learn more about WeTravel and Stripe Standard integration here and about Stripe pricing here.

30-days after the trip assessment

If Stripe is not supported in your country or you simply do not want to integrate your Stripe Standard account with WeTravel, you can collect the funds from your participants through WeTravel’s payment gateway instead. When participants book your trip on WeTravel, their funds will be securely deposited with our payment provider and you will be able to track that data under the "Payments" section in your WeTravel account.

30 days after your first trip was completed, please contact our verification team at to inquire about the re-evaluation of your account. Our dedicated team will revise your account and bookings, and provide the next steps in releasing the funds.

As a partially verified account, you will see the following pop-up message on your WeTravel account:

Important note: WeTravel reserves the right to ask for additional verification documents or information if the identity of an individual or company needs to be further validated. WeTravel reserves the right to refuse payment services to any user at any time at its sole discretion.

Partial Approval FAQ

What’s available to the partially verified account?

WeTravel's payout features such as our international wire option, the WeTravel Card as well as Supplier Transfers are not available with the partial approval status. Once your account is fully verified by our verification team, you can have access to those mentioned features.

Can I open the sales and collect funds from the bookings before receiving the verification approval decision?

No. To keep your account safe, we need to approve and verify your account first. Kindly note that you cannot collect payments from customers until your account is verified.

Can I bypass the verification process and connect my Stripe Standard account right away?

No. For security and regulatory reasons, WeTravel needs to verify the identity of all users that accept funds through WeTravel. Please proceed with your account verification by following these instructions in order for our dedicated team to enable Stripe integration on your WeTravel account.

Will I be automatically granted the full approval 30 days after the first trip?

No, the process is not automated at this time. Please make sure you contact our team at and request a re-evaluation of your account.

I have connected my Stripe Standard with WeTravel for now. Can I still get a full approval 30 days after the trip has ended in order to switch and use WeTravel payment processing?

Yes. Please contact our team at and request a re-evaluation of your account.

Contact us if you have any other questions. We will be happy to help! 🙂

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