International transfers are initiated in the "Payments" tab. To make an international payout, go to your "Payments" page and click on "My Accounts".

Once in "My Accounts" click on "Initiate International Payout (Wire Transfer)". 

On the next page, you will be able to enter all the payment details to initiate an international wire transfer: 

All wire transfers will be manually verified, please allow 3-5 business days for processing. The first wire to a new beneficiary takes longer than a repeat wire. Please note that there is a $15, €15, £15, A$25, C$20, or 250 ZAR fee for every international wire transfer depending on what currency you're using. There also might be a receiving fee charged by the beneficiary bank and the intermediary bank due to international wire transfers.

Information needed is the following:

Choose whether it's a Corporate Account or Individual Account
Beneficiary Name - payment recipient name (company or private person; make sure this is the exact name)
Beneficiary Email - payment recipient email
Beneficiary Currency - the currency you'd like the beneficiary to receive
Beneficiary Country - country of residence of the payment recipient
Beneficiary Address line 1 - address of the payment recipient
Beneficiary Address Line 2 - 2nd address line of the payment recipient (enter "-" if you want to leave it blank)
Beneficiary City - city of residence of the payment recipient
Beneficiary Region - region of residence of the payment recipient (e.g. state), if applicable
Beneficiary Postal Code - postal code of the payment recipient
Beneficiary Bank Name - bank of the payment recipient
Beneficiary Bank Country - country where the bank is located
Beneficiary Bank Account Number/IBAN - bank account number of the payment recipient
Beneficiary Bank Account Swift BIC - SWIFT/BIC of the bank of your payment recipient. Please find the relevant code here.
Sent By - your (company) name
Purpose of Payment - reason for payment (e.g. "Patagonia Trip")
Payment Notes - notes to the payment recipient
Amount in USD/EUR/GBP - amount in the currency you've collected, please include the wire fee here
Notes to WeTravel - enter any additional information we may need to know, e.g. other important bank details that are specific by country (the payment recipient should have given you this information if necessary). For transfers within the US, please provide the 9-digit ACH Routing Number here. This is the routing number for electronic payments.

Note: If you are wiring funds to the same beneficiary as before (i.e. repeat transfer), then you can just enter the following:

1. The beneficiary name
2. The currency
3. The amount
4. Purpose of payment
5. Payment notes.

In the rest of the fields you can enter "as previous", we have saved the banking details in our backend.

Note: If you do NOT see the above "Initiate International Payout (Wire Transfer)" button, it means that your ID verification is not yet complete. Please contact the WeTravel team so we can verify your identity and activate payouts for your account. See here how to get verified for payouts.

Note: Due to external compliance requirements we can only send payments to tour operators, travel agencies and travel-related vendors. Our team will conduct due diligence checks on all the outgoing wire transfers to make sure your money is safe and protected.

Unsupported countries for international wires are: North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Russia, Ukraine (including the Crimea region).

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about sending international wires.

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