How do I initiate a wire transfer?

Learn how you can send a wire and repeat your wire transfers in your WeTravel account.

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You can only add a bank account that is in your own (business) name. Please use our Supplier Transfer feature to pay suppliers or partners directly on WeTravel.

Wire transfers can be initiated in the "Payments" tab. To send a wire, please go to your "Payments" page and click on "My Accounts".

Once in "My Accounts", find the “Wire Transfer Methods” section and click on the green “Initiate Transfer” button. This will send a wire to your already added beneficiary bank account.

After clicking on “Initiate Transfer”, you'll need to specify the following:

  • The amount you want to transfer

  • Which currency balance you want to transfer from (one of the 6 supported WeTravel wallets)

  • The purpose of your payment

  • The reference/notes on the transfer

If your transfer includes currency conversion, we will display a table with the calculated conversion. We will lock the rate for some time, but please make sure to complete your wire as soon as you can because the exchange rate may fluctuate.

After subtracting the wire transfer fee (based on the currency), we will calculate the amount that your beneficiary should receive.

Click “Continue” and follow the next steps to confirm the transfer.

Important: The amount received is an estimate and may vary depending on the bank & country conditions. There may be receiving and processing fees that will be charged by the beneficiary bank as well as the intermediary bank before the funds reach the destination. Unfortunately, this is beyond WeTravel’s control.

If the exchange rate slightly changes during the time of completing the wire request, we will show the new amount automatically calculated in the “Rate Update” pop-up. You will be able to accept or cancel your transfer request.

Please note that once you submit the wire transfer, you will not be able to cancel it. We strongly recommend that you confirm your banking details and only send funds to your own bank account.

It is important to note that WeTravel has the right to request additional verification documents or information in order further to validate the identity of an individual or company. WeTravel reserves the right to decline payment services to any user at any time, at its sole discretion.

Keep in mind that most of our international payments are sent through the SWIFT network and involve at least 2-3 banks (intermediary or correspondent banks). Each bank involved in the process can conduct standard compliance checks.

All wire transfers usually take 3-5 business days to be processed. The first wire to a new beneficiary may take a bit longer than a repeat wire due to the verification process.

All wire transfers have to be related to your trips and business and the wire transfer service cannot be used to send funds to non-business related accounts.

The following sending fees apply to every wire transfer depending on the currency you're using:

If you don’t see the green “Initiate Transfer” button under the Wire Transfer Methods, that means that you haven’t added any beneficiary bank accounts just yet. You will first need to add your beneficiary bank account here:

Wire Transfer FAQ

Where can I send a wire transfer? Can I send it to any corporate or individual account via WeTravel?

You can send wire transfers to a bank account in your name, but please keep in mind that all the wires are subject to compliance checks, and WeTravel reserves the right to reject payments if they don't meet established wire requirements.

Unsupported countries for international wires are Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine (including the Crimea region), Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

🚨 IMPORTANT: Not all accounts can accept all kinds of transfers. Sometimes, the wire transfer that you send might get rejected by the beneficiary bank because it comes from the money transmitter (usually happens with some banks in Argentina and Colombia). Please check with your beneficiary to ensure they’re able to receive your transfer!

We would like to inform you that transfers to the following currencies are not supported:


You can send USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, or ZAR to any country you wish. However, before doing so, please confirm that your bank can receive the chosen currency and convert it to your local currency. Please be aware that there may be fees associated with converting and receiving funds.

Can I set up a wire in reverse order and first choose how much I would like my beneficiary to receive?

Not currently. But, if this is a feature you need, please send us an email at so we can pass the feedback along to our team.

My international wire hasn't been received. How do I track my wire transfer and what are the next steps?

It takes 3-5 business days to receive a wire after you have successfully submitted the request. If you have not received the funds after 5 business days and haven't been contacted by our team with a request for additional information, please contact us at and we will provide you with a confirmation receipt of your wire.

I sent a wire with the wrong bank account information. What happens now?

Everyone makes mistakes. Get in touch with us as soon as you notice the mistake in order to see if we can submit an amendment. Otherwise, we may have to wait until the beneficiary bank rejects the wire and processes the return. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy process that can take up to 6 weeks and is out of WeTravel’s hands.

If money returns back to us and/or cannot be processed by our payment provider for any reason, we will add the funds back to the same currency wallet which you sent your wire from (the amount will be subject to any currency fluctuations and fees from the involved banks. WeTravel doesn’t charge any additional fees on the returns and cannot return the original transaction fee ($15 or equivalent) for processing the wire).

I want to edit my saved wire transfer method. How can I do that?

Once your beneficiary bank account is successfully added, you cannot edit it anymore. You will need to delete your existing account first and then create a new one.

Please refrain from deleting your saved beneficiaries unless you are certain that the payment has been processed. Otherwise, we may not be able to process your wire correctly.

Are there limits to how much I can send via a wire transfer?

You can send up to $740K per wire. Sometimes we will need to ask for some extra information and documents from you in order to process the payment. If this is the case, we will get in touch by email and let you know what information we will need from you.

Can I add a reference to my payment?

Yes, absolutely. When submitting a wire, you will be able to enter the reference/notes. This will help the beneficiary identify your transfer easily.

What will be shown on the receiving bank account statement?

Please note that the sender’s name on the recipient bank statement will appear as Wetravel Inc. or, in some cases, as Cambridge Mercantile Corp.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about sending wire transfers. 👏🏼

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