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IMPORTANT: The use of all WeTravel Cards (plastic and/or virtual) is temporarily suspended.

Currently, it is not possible to create, top-up, or use any WeTravel Card.

We hope to resume WeTravel Cards soon with a new payment processor; you can track live updates here. In the meantime, please send funds to partners and suppliers via Supplier Transfer.

We sincerely apologize for any disruptions this suspension caused to your operations. Contact our support team for more information.

Note: The WeTravel card is only available to fully approved users.

How can the WeTravel Card be free?

Your WeTravel Card is completely free to create and use. So how do we cover the cost of your card? Every time you use your WeTravel card, the merchant or website pays a small fee called interchange. This fee is shared with us and helps us cover the cost of your card.

How fast are my funds available on my WeTravel Card?

You can transfer any USD you collect on WeTravel to your card as soon as they are processed. This means that if your customer pays with a credit or debit card, the funds are available immediately. If your customer pays with bank transfer/ACH, the funds are available the moment they are processed (4-5 business days). You don’t need to wait for bank payouts anymore.

Is my WeTravel Card a credit card?

Yes, it’s an official (virtual) credit card. We offer you a credit card that comes without the risk of debt. This allows you to use it to the full extent: you enjoy a credit card that’s accepted everywhere online, without the possibility of financial burden.

What is a virtual card?

Virtual credit cards are online cards that are not physically issued as plastic cards. A virtual credit card is simply a credit card that can be used to make payments online, over the phone and anywhere else Visa® is accepted but no plastic card is needed.

What currencies can I transfer on my WeTravel Card?

You can currently only transfer USD to your WeTravel Card.

What if my supplier (hotel, etc.) is asking for a copy of the card?

Although your card is virtual, you can download a PDF of your card. This PDF can be printed, faxed or otherwise sent to the hotel or any other supplier. This allows you to use your virtual card for almost all transactions, even if your supplier asks for a copy of the card.

Can I create more than one virtual card?

Yes, please feel free to create as many virtual cards as needed.

Does WeTravel also have plastic cards?

Yes, please see instructions on how to order a plastic WeTravel Card to your US business address.

Can I pay in any currency with my WeTravel card?

Yes, your WeTravel Card can be used to pay in any currency. If you make a payment in a currency other than USD, the merchant you pay will be paid in their local currency. Your WeTravel Card balance will be charged the same amount in USD.

Do I get charged a foreign transaction fee?

No, there are currently no foreign transaction fees associated with the use of the WeTravel card.

Does my WeTravel Card have a PIN?

No, the WeTravel Card does not have a PIN. Like most US credit cards, it is verified by your signature on the back of the card.

When travelling internationally, merchants might be used to asking you for a PIN. In this case, please do the following:

1. Ask them to charge the card as a CREDIT card, not a debit card

2. Have them not enter any pin, just bypass and press ENTER/NEXT

3. If the network still asks for a PIN, enter 0000 or 1234

Can I use my WeTravel Card to withdraw cash?

No, your WeTravel Card cannot be used to withdraw cash.

Is my WeTravel Card a personal credit card?

No, your WeTravel Card is a commercial card (see details in our Card Program Agreement). This means that it can only be used for business expenses. It can not be used for personal expenses.

How can I get my WeTravel Card?

It’s simple - just transfer funds from your WeTravel Balance to your WeTravel Card and click “Create Card”. Your card will be created instantly and is immediately available to make payments. Here's our in-depth tutorial.

What if my WeTravel Card is stolen or compromised?

You can at any time suspend your WeTravel Card with the click of a button, and reinstate it later (see our help article here). If you wish to completely terminate your card, please contact our customer support at info@wetravel.com.

How do I request a chargeback?

If you're not recognizing a transaction or never received services you paid for, you can dispute it and start the chargeback process. Please note that chargebacks must be requested within 110 days of the transaction. Contact our customer support at info@wetravel.com and we will give you further instructions.

What happens when my payment is refunded?

Payments that are refunded are automatically returned to your WeTravel Card Balance.

Can I use this with Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Yes, you can!

Are there any spending category restrictions for WeTravel Card?

WeTravel card is restricted for using money transfer services (e.g. Wise, Venmo or Paypal), dating and escort services as well as gambling and betting (e.g. lotteries, casinos and online sports betting). We recommend using your WeTravel card for travel-related and company expenses.

Does my card have any spending limits?

There are no daily or monthly spending limits tied to your WeTravel card. However, your card has a default $500k budget ceiling and once you reach it, you will be required to create/order a new card on your WeTravel account. Don't worry, we never cancel your old cards without your permission! Contact us if you require any further assistance.

What is my billing address?

You can use your US business address as the billing address or WeTravel's default billing address visible next to your card.

How can I terminate my card?

If you wish to completely terminate your card, please contact our customer support at info@wetravel.com.

Where can I download my statement?

The credit card statement is available on the WeTravel Card page. Please click on "Export" in the upper right corner.

It is important to note that WeTravel has the right to request additional verification documents or information in order to further validate the identity of an individual or company. WeTravel reserves the right to decline payment services to any user at any time, at its sole discretion."

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