See here how to connect the Customers list to other software using our API integration.

The customer list is a great resource to import to your CRM or email marketing software. To access the customer list, please select "Payments" from the main menu and "Customers" on the left side.

You can now download a complete report of your customers (both the Buyers and Participants) by clicking on "Export".

Here's what the report covers (you can always filter the report with your spreadsheet software as needed) :


First Name

Last Name

Type - Buyer or Participant
Status - Going, Canceled or Waitlist

Trip Name - Trip(s) they've purchased

Date created - Date the first purchase was made

Alternatively, you can also see the information listed above if you click on the menu (three dots) next to any client. By clicking on the client's name you will be directed to the trip that the client has purchased.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the customer list.

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