To message participants with a specific package or option at once, just follow these easy steps!

Go to your "Manage Trip" dashboard by clicking on "My Trips" and then on "Manage Trip".

Navigate to the "Messages" section and click on "New Message".

You can now customize the subject line, sender, message, and reply address in the dialogue box. Make sure that "Send To" is set to "Everyone with a specific package or option".

Next, select the package/option and that's it! When you click "Send Now", your message will be sent to those participants that booked the selected package or the option.

📨 Do you wish to send your message at a later point instead of now? Click here to learn more about how our message scheduling feature works.

Copy the message

Do you perhaps want to resend your message? Click on the three dots next to any message and select "Copy" from the drop-down menu. This will create an identical copy of your message while you will have a chance to modify any of the message fields according to your needs.

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