Managing Email Notifications

Learn how you can manage automatic email notifications you receive from WeTravel.

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When using WeTravel, your customers receive automatic emails throughout their customer journey while you receive a copy of those emails as well.

Sometimes you might not want to receive a copy of those email notifications and/or want to reduce clutter in your inbox by adjusting the number of emails you receive from WeTravel. There is now a way you can turn ON/OFF the organizer copy for selected emails on your account!

Just go to your "Profile" and choose "Notification Settings" on the left-hand side.

Here you can manage the email notifications you receive as a trip organizer. See your choices below:

Booking updates: Sent when changes are made to the booking.

Payments and Transactions: Sent for new payments and updates to payments.

Account Updates: Sent when you update your account or send an email from WeTravel.

Lead and Customer Outreach: Sent when a new lead or customer contacts you or downloads your trip brochure.

By default, all the notifications are enabled for WeTravel users, but you can always select which notifications you wish to receive here:

Note 1: Don’t worry if you cannot find a confirm your changes button - we save all of your choices under “Notification Settings” automatically!

Note 2: Critical emails such as password resets and payout confirmations cannot be disabled.

Note 3: Team members will receive emails based on the “Notification Settings” configuration on their own accounts and the team member notification permissions they have been granted by the parent account.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions! 👍

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