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How does Abandoned Cart feature work on WeTravel?
How does Abandoned Cart feature work on WeTravel?

Learn how you can recover abandoned bookings and drive more sales in this quick article.

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Note: This feature is only enabled for WeTravel Pro users.

There are various reasons why someone might abandon the booking process. Perhaps the customer didn’t have their credit card at hand or wanted to browse the site a bit longer before making a decision. Reaching out to prospective customers can remind and encourage them to complete their purchases.

With the abandoned cart flow, WeTravel sends a follow-up email to a customer 24 hours after they started but didn’t complete the checkout process and only if the customer hasn’t booked the trip yet.

If you (the organizer) would like to enable or disable this feature on your WeTravel account, just go to your profile:

And scroll all the way down to WeTravel Pro settings:

By default, the abandoned cart feature is enabled for all WeTravel Pro users. (You can always disable it by adjusting the toggle to “No” if needed).

If your prospective customers abandon the booking process in the middle of the checkout, we will send them the following email reminder which will prompt them to complete the booking:

The email reminder will contain your company logo as well as a direct link to your trip checkout page. Additionally, your prospective customers will be able to ask you a question or send you an inquiry by clicking the contact us here link in the email.

Abandoned Cart FAQ

How many abandoned cart emails will be sent to prospective customers who leave mid-checkout?

WeTravel sends just one email reminder for each abandoned booking.

What happens if the package that the customer initially wanted is no longer available when completing the booking?

After clicking the “Complete Your Booking” button in our email reminder, customers will be redirected to the checkout pop-up where they will be able to book any available packages. If the package that they initially wanted or the whole trip is sold out, we will show it accordingly. If you enabled a waitlist for the trip, we would automatically show a waitlist message when your trip is sold out.

Can I customize the text in the abandoned cart emails?

Not currently. But, if this is a feature you need, please send us an email at so we can pass the feedback along to our team.

Will I receive an email notification for every abandoned cart booking? Will I be able to track all the abandoned bookings?

While we do not send a copy of the abandoned cart email to you every time someone discontinues the booking process nor track this data on your WeTravel account yet, we are working tirelessly to offer you more tracking & reporting possibilities in the near future. More to come!

Click here if you want to connect your Google Analytics and track the performance of your trip pages checkout buttons.

Please contact us if you have any other questions🤟🏼

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