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How to connect Google Analytics to WeTravel?
How to connect Google Analytics to WeTravel?

Learn how to connect your Google Analytics account and enable Ecommerce tracking to your WeTravel trips.

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With Google Analytics connected to WeTravel, you can track the performance of your trip pages checkout buttons. We use your tag ID when one of your trip pages or checkout pop-ups is loaded. It works both on direct WeTravel links and when you have embedded one of our booking widgets directly on your website.

In addition to firing the standard Google Analytics code when the checkout pop-up is opened, we are also sending an “Event” to Google Analytics when someone clicks the button that opens the checkout pop-up. We use the following naming when we send the event to GA:

  • Event Category: Describes where the event is taking place i.e. where the “Book Now” button was clicked. The possible values here are “Trip Page / Button Widget / Package Widget / Calendar Widget”.

  • Event Action: Describes what the user did. Here, we use the value “Book Now Button Click”.

  • Event Label: Here, you will see the trip name.

How to connect Google Analytics to WeTravel?

Firstly, here's some info on how to set up Google Analytics. Once you've set it up, you're ready to connect to WeTravel.

You can find the option to connect your Google Analytics account on your WeTravel profile page. Scroll down to the WeTravel Pro Settings section and click on "Add" next to Google Analytics:

You should now enter your Google Universal Analytics (GA4) tag ID to start tracking your customers in WeTravel. This is how to find your Google tag ID.

Finally, for cross-domain tracking, insert the website domain where you link to WeTravel from. Example: Please do NOT add https://, www. or anything after .com, .org, etc., and then select the "Enable Ecommerce Tracking" if you're going to use the Ecommerce for your Google Analytics.

Click on "Add Google Analytics" and you have now connected Google Analytics to WeTravel.

What is possible with Ecommerce Tracking?

While Google Analytics helps your business by giving you a way to track and analyze website performance, you can get a better insight into your conversion rate once you enable Ecommerce Tracking. Based on the data you collect, you can then decide on a further plan of action. For example, you may find you need to shorten the booking process with fewer questionnaire form fields. Or perhaps you will have to eliminate the extra fees you add right before checkout. All of this can be determined once you know where the majority of your customers change their minds when making a booking.

An ecommerce tracking code will allow you to track new bookings in the Google Analytics Ecommerce Report. You will receive information from us when the guest books through the checkout page or reaches the “checkout confirmation” page. This will also be triggered if your guests book your trips through the embedded checkout pages directly on your own website.

Note: you will first need to enable Ecommerce reporting in Google Analytics in order to see detailed reports from your bookings. In the "Ecommerce Settings" you should ensure that "Enable Ecommerce" is set to "On". After this has been set up, you will begin to receive these reports and can access them by going to Reports > Monetization > Overview or Reports > Engagement > Conversions on your Google Analytics account.

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