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How to make changes to the bookings in bulk?
How to make changes to the bookings in bulk?

Learn how to modify or add payment plans as well as set the custom price to multiple clients at once with a few clicks.

Updated this week

Have you noticed the new "Bulk Actions" button in your "Manage Trip" dashboard? Completing certain actions to multiple bookings is now easy! We have added a feature so you can modify payment plans and make other changes in bulk within minutes.

You can now edit all of your participants' payment plans in just a few clicks as well as add payment plans to the selected bookings or even customize the final price of the bookings if you are giving your participants a discount. And these are only the first in a series of "Bulk Action" functions we are introducing to WeTravel Pro accounts.

Just click on “Bulk Actions” via your trip dashboard and you will be redirected to the actions’ menu.

We will list participants in the table following the order of the trip purchase date. In case a buyer has multiple participants, we will show each participant separately.

You can filter bookings by Package, Status, Payment Plan, Balance Due and Auto-Billing Enabled. If your trip is “Recurring”, we will display an additional filter of Departure Date and if you have created your trip as “One-time”, this filter will be hidden.

You are now ready to perform a bulk action.

1. Select the filters and click on “Apply” (multiple filters can be selected at the same time).

2. Tick any number of boxes to the right of the names of the participants or choose the “all checkbox” to select all participants at once.

3. Choose an action from the drop-down menu “Actions” on the top right.

4. Confirm your choice by clicking on the green button in a pop-up message.

That’s it! You have completed a bulk action for the selected participants.

FAQ about Bulk Actions

Is this feature available to the team members?

Team members with “Issue Refunds & Change Bookings” permission have access to this feature.

Will participants get notifications about the changes to their bookings?

Yes, both you and the customer will receive a notification of the change. You will be able to add a message to the notification emails (optional).

When reducing the price via Custom price bulk action, are refunds being processed automatically in case participants have already paid in full?

No, this does not issue a refund. If a payment plan is in place, the difference is either added to or subtracted from the last instalment. Click here to learn how to issue refunds manually yourself.

What if I want to change the price to only one person in a multiple-person booking?

Please note that with the bulk action, the price will be changed to all the participants with that same package in the booking. You can change the price to only one participant by following these instructions.

Does this feature work on both mobile and web browsers?

No, “Bulk Actions” will be only displayed on the web browser.

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