Here is how you issue a refund to a participant. Let's say they paid $1,000 and you need to refund $100.

1. Go to "My Trips" and click "Manage Trip".

2. Click "Issue Refund" next to the name that you want to issue a refund to

3. Choose "Partial Refund", enter the amount (e.g. $100) and click "Refund".  

Nice, you are done :) 

The participant automatically gets an email informing them about this refund. Refunds usually take 5-10 business days to appear on the participant's statement.

Note 1: Bank payments that are "pending" can only be refunded once they are complete, which takes 4-5 business days. Therefore, bank payments can only be refunded 4-5 business days after the payment is made.

Note 2: If you issue a partial refund, the participant is still signed up for your trip. If you also want to remove the participant, click on "Cancel" after you have done this partial refund

Note 3: If you issue a full refund, the participant's booking will automatically be cancelled and she will be removed from the participant list.  

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