Let's say that a participant signed up for a $1,000 trip and has already paid a $200 deposit. Now, you want to change the final price for them because you are giving them a $100 discount.

Here is how you can easily adapt the price: 

1. Go to your "Manage Trip" dashboard by clicking on "My Trips" and then on "Manage Trip". 

2. In the "Manage Trip" dashboard, click "Set Custom Price" next to the participant's name. If you have a payment plan in progress you will be first asked to stop it, please do that. You can add the payment plan again after modifying the trip price: 

3. Enter the new price for that participant, in our example "$900".

The dialogue box calculates the new balance due for you to double-check. In case the new custom price is lower than the amount already paid, we will not automatically initiate a refund. If you wish to issue a refund, please do so in your trip dashboard.

4. Click "Continue" and "Confirm New Price" and you are done! An email will automatically be sent to the participant. The email contains a link to the payment site for the participant. 

You will now be prompted to add a payment plan again after updating the price.

Note: If the participant had already paid the full amount (e.g. $1,000) and you want to lower the price (e.g. to $900), then you should press "Refund" in step 2, instead of "Custom Price". You can then initiate a partial refund, in our example for $100.

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