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How does Calendar feature work on WeTravel?
How does Calendar feature work on WeTravel?

Learn how to easily manage your recurring trips.

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Do you have a trip that’s available on multiple dates during the year or the season? If yes, then our Calendar Feature will help you to manage recurring trips easily; including the ability to block off unavailable dates, make seasonal pricing adjustments and manage availability per date. Your clients will be able to easily select and book the trip on a given date.

Just start creating your trip as usual but when it’s time to select the dates fill the checkbox “Trip has multiple departures” instead of selecting specific dates.

This will hide dates from your booking page but will show the duration of your trip instead.

If you choose to make your trip recurring and update the trip length under the “Trip Basics”, there will be an additional tab on your trip builder called “Departures”. Here you can add all start dates on which you are offering your trip. You will be able to click on a single day, a weekday, or an entire month to select multiple departure dates at once.

Tip: When clicking on a week number to the left of the calendar it will select all the dates within that week so you don’t need to manually click on every day of the month. If you click on the name of the month - calendar will automatically select the entire month for your available departures.

Keep in mind that the pricing for each date will be the same. The maximum group availability, package availability and add-on option availability will be the same for each departure date.

Example: You set the maximum group size to 10 and the trip length is 7 days. If you receive 10 bookings for the trip leaving on January 1st, then this departure will be sold out. But, your client can still book for the departure date January 2nd if you selected this date as available under the settings.

After choosing departure dates, you can now add relevant price adjustments. This will allow you to adjust the price for specific departure dates and make necessary adjustments for seasonal price changes.

If you have a payment plan set up then the price adjustment will reduce or increase the installments one by one starting from the final payment.

Note: You can only set one price adjustment per date range. Price adjustments only apply to package prices, not to extra add-on options. Let’s say your client books 2 participants (2 packages) and you set up -$100 adjustment, then both travelers will get $100 adjustment – a total of $200.

Add Price Adjustment feature is only enabled for WeTravel Pro users.

Payment plans and booking deadlines

Payment plans and booking deadlines will be shown as “Days before departure” for recurring trips. When setting up a payment plan for the whole pricing package or for one participant you will be able to enter how many days before departure each installment is due (e.g. 30 days before departure).

If you then choose to set a booking deadline for the package and let’s say decide to allow your participants to book until “30 days before departure”, here’s what it will look like to your participants:

FAQ about Calendar feature

Can I switch between recurring and one-time trips?

After you receive a booking, you will not be able to switch between recurring and one-time anymore (or vice versa). If the trip does not have any bookings, you as organizer can switch back and forth - we will save payment plans and booking deadlines correctly.

Do price adjustments apply to the deposit?

No. Adjustments do not apply to the deposit. Only if the adjustment amount is bigger than your trip price, it affects the deposit.

Can I change the departure date for my participants?

You as organizer will be able to change the departure date through a new option in the three dots menu. If you choose to change the departure date which has a different price, it will not automatically adjust the price. Don’t worry - you can set a Custom Price to adjust the price for your participant if needed.

Will my clients be able to see available packages on a main trip page?

If the trip is recurring, then we completely hide the number of available packages, because only during the checkout we will know which departure date your client is booking for.

Can I embed a Calendar widget to my website?

Yes, you can now easily embed a calendar widget onto your website! If the trip is recurring, this widget will be added between the “Packages” and the “Direct Link” widget as shown below.

You will be able to customize the title text, the button text and the color of the widget button.

Is there a waitlist for recurring trips?

Yes! When a trip date is sold out, your clients can sign up for the waitlist for that day.

Can I schedule messages for recurring trips?

Yes, you can! When you go Manage Trip, and select the Message tab you can select if you want to message all participants or only those on specific dates.

* For recurring trips you can only schedule messages when you select "future departure dates"

Contact us if you have any other questions.

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