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How to refund and cancel just one person of a 2 person booking?
How to refund and cancel just one person of a 2 person booking?

Learn how to cancel and refund (or apply the amount towards the balance due) just one person in a two participant booking.

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Let's take the following example. A couple makes a booking for 2 people. The trip costs $1,000 with a deposit of $200. They book the trip and pay a $400 deposit.

Unfortunately, only one of the two can come and you need to cancel and refund one person. Here is how:

1. Cancel one participant 

Go to "My Trips" and click "Manage Trip".

Press on "Cancel Booking or Option" from the booking menu for these two people.

On the next screen, select which of the two participants you want to cancel. You see their personal information helping you select one of the two:

Press "Continue" and you can now choose what to do with the funds of the canceled participant. You can either:

  1. Keep the paid amount (for non-refundable deposits) - just enter the dollar amount you wish to keep. Please also choose this option if you wish to refund the payment to the customer immediately.

  2. Apply the paid amount to the balance due of the other person, reducing their outstanding balance due. Please choose this option if the deposit is refundable but the client would like the funds to be applied towards the other person's balance.

Press "Confirm Cancellation" and you have now removed one of the two participants from the trip.

Please note that this does not yet issue a refund, which is the second step:

2. Refund one deposit

Click on "Refund" from the booking menu.

Next, click on "Refund a Payment". 

Then, enter the amount (in our example $200) and click on "Continue". An automatic email will be sent to you and to the participant confirming the refund. Please note that once issued, a refund cannot be canceled nor reversed.

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