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Why is my payment "pending"?

Bank transfers take 5-7 business days to process. During this time, payments and transfer are marked as "pending".

Updated over a week ago

If participants pay with their US checking account or European bank account, it takes 5-7 business days for their payment to be processed. 

During this time, the payment is labelled “pending.” A pending payment indicates that the participant has paid and completed the booking process, but the funds are not yet available to the travel organizer. 

After 5-7 business days, the payment will automatically change status and will be "successful" instead of "pending".

What does it mean it takes "5 business days"?

"5 business days" means that completing a payment can sometimes take up to 11 full days.

"5 business days" Example:

A participant books on Friday afternoon, January 1st.
The bank starts processing the payment on Monday, January 4th.
From then, it takes 5 business days until the payment clears.
Only on Monday, January 11th will the payment clear on WeTravel.

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