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Connect your own Stripe account with WeTravel
Connect your own Stripe account with WeTravel

Learn how to connect your own Stripe account with WeTravel and what changes this brings to your WeTravel usage.

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This article will show you how to connect your existing Stripe account to WeTravel and answer questions around usage of WeTravel with your own Stripe account.

Please note that this option is only available for partially and fully verified accounts. Verify your account now.

How to connect your existing Stripe account to WeTravel:

1. If your account is Partially Approved, this feature should already be enabled. If your account is Fully Approved, please contact WeTravel customer support( via chat or to enable the connection of your own Stripe account.

2. Follow these steps to link/connect your Stripe account:
a. Go to your profile page
b. Scroll down until you see the General Settings
c. Click the "Connect" button next to "Connect your Stripe account"

d. You will be taken to a page where you can set up your Stripe account and enter your business information. If you already have a Stripe just use the same email to sign in through the flow.

e. Enter the relevant information and click "Submit".

f. You will now be redirected to your WeTravel profile page.
g. On the profile page, in the General Settings, you'll see that your account is connected with the account ID showing.

All payments collected on WeTravel will now go into your own Stripe account.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between using WeTravel's payment processing and using my own Stripe account?

When you have connected your own Stripe account, all funds collected on WeTravel go into your Stripe account. WeTravel has no visibility or access into your Stripe account or your payout schedule with Stripe. Payouts to your bank account are done directly by Stripe.

Previously, when you used WeTravel's payment processing, all funds went into your WeTravel account. Now, all new payments will go to your own Stripe account.

I already had a payout account set up with Stripe for WeTravel previously, how will this affect me?

If you were already using WeTravel to collect payments previously and paid out funds to your own bank account you had to set up a payout account with Stripe already.

This account is only for payouts and thus cannot be connected to WeTravel to process payments. For that, you need to set up a Stripe Standard account. When you do this, if you try to use the email address you used when setting up the payout account, Stripe will not let you go ahead.

Please use a different email address in this case to create a Stripe Standard account or you can modify your email address with a + sign. For example This will allow you to create another account, but receive emails at as normal. You can read about this method more here.

Will my customers notice a difference?
Your customers won't know that you have switched your payment processing to your own Stripe account. The user experience will remain the same as before.

There is one difference for your users when you are using your own Stripe account to process payments:

Previously saved credit card and bank account numbers are not transferred, meaning that your customer will have to enter their card number again when they make their next installment payment. For security reasons, we are unable to transfer card numbers, since WeTravel never has access to your customer's credit card numbers.

What will my users see on their credit card statements?
Your users will see the first 22 characters of the trip name on their card or bank statement. This has proven to be the best way to minimize complaints from customers about unrecognized credit card charges.

Can I use all WeTravel features with my own Stripe account?

When you use your own Stripe account, you fully control the funds. WeTravel has no access to collected funds and payouts are done directly by Stripe.
Therefore, WeTravel's payout features are not available, such as our international wire option, the WeTravel Card as well as Supplier Transfers.

All other features, such as installment payments or user messaging are fully working.

Can I accept ACH payments for USD using my own Stripe account?

Yes, you can accept both ACH and cc/debit card payments with your own Stripe account. To accept ACH payments, please enable this within your own Stripe account first. Here's the FAQ on how to do so.

Then, go to your WeTravel Profile and enable it via the toggle that now appears in your settings.

Please note that by connecting your Stripe account, your customers will be able to make card and ACH bank payments for USD-priced trips. If the trip is in any other currency, customers will be able to pay by card.

What is the pricing if I use my own Stripe account?
The pricing remains similar - the WeTravel processing fee starts at 1% + Stripe Processing Fees. You can learn more about Stripe's pricing here.

When refunding payments collected through your Stripe account, the WeTravel Processing Fee will not be refunded.

How can I top-up my own Stripe account if I don't have sufficient funds available to do refunds?
You can use Stripe's own Top-up feature to add funds back into your Stripe account. See more information here.

When will I receive my funds?
Stripe usually transfers funds automatically into your bank account. Every day, Stripe transfers the money that you charged two days prior. For example, every Wednesday, you'll receive the funds in your bank account that were charged on Monday. Please note that Stripe reserves the right to change this schedule at any point. Learn more about Stripe in their FAQ here.

What about the funds I already have in WeTravel?
If you have previously collected payments and currently have funds in your WeTravel account, they can still be refunded and paid out as before. If your account is verified, you can use them for refunds, international wires, through your WeTravel card and for supplier transfers.
Only new payments you receive after connecting your Stripe account will go into your own Stripe account.

I have an issue with Stripe. Can WeTravel help?
When you are using your own Stripe account, WeTravel is in no way involved in the payment processing. The payment processing is completely governed by your agreements with Stripe. We can neither assist, advise nor influence Stripe's handling of your account.

Can I switch back to WeTravel payment processing?
Yes. If you wish to switch back to processing payments through WeTravel in the future, you may do so at any time by contacting our customer support team.

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