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Refunding ACH payments older than 180 days
Refunding ACH payments older than 180 days

Learn how to refund an ACH payment made more than 180 days ago.

Updated over a week ago

Interbank rules do not allow ACH bank transfer refunds after 180 days. It is a payment network rule that WeTravel has to comply with. There are two possibilities to proceed with:

Option 1: You do the refund outside WeTravel

Please use bank transfer, cash apps or other methods to issue the refund outside of WeTravel. We highly recommend proceeding with this option as it's the most user-friendly way to issue a refund for a bank payment that is older than 180 days!

Option 2: Transfer the funds to the user within WeTravel

You can transfer the funds from your WeTravel account to your client's WeTravel account using supplier transfers. Your client can then sign in to their WeTravel account, go to "Payouts" and add their own bank account to receive the funds there.

However, this is not a very user-friendly process. The user will have to verify their identity with Stripe to receive the payment (because they register like an organizer on WeTravel).

IMPORTANT: When issuing a refund outside WeTravel or via our supplier transfer option, originally paid transaction and credit card fees are not returned to you and your customers.

Please contact support at if you would like to do option 2, with the email of the person to be refunded. In that case, we will verify your client for payouts and send you instructions on how to send the funds and how to instruct your clients on how to initiate a payout.

Click here to learn how to record a cash refund done outside of WeTravel for informational and accounting purposes.

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