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How to add a waitlist to your trip?
How to add a waitlist to your trip?

Learn how to add a waitlist to your trip when it's sold out or when the booking deadline has passed.

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Do you think your trip is going to sell out? Use our waitlist function to collect emails from people that are still interested in joining your trip and easily manage your waitlist.

To add a waitlist to your trip, go to My Trips and choose Edit Trip from the drop-down menu.

Stay in the first section of the trip builder - Trip Basics and scroll down until you can toggle the waitlist function on and off.

Once you click on "Publish", the waitlist feature will be activated. It will automatically display whenever your trip is fully booked or if you have set a booking deadline that has already expired.

Here's what it looks like to your participants:

Once a potential participant clicks "Join Waitlist", they enter their first name, last name and email. They can also leave you a note and their phone number if they wish.

Once a participant joins the waitlist, there will be a new section in your trip dashboard. There are four actions you can take:

Invite - Choose which package you'd like to open up to the participant and send them an invite for that package only. They have 48h to respond to the invite. After 48 hours, the link will not work anymore. If they click on the link in the invitation email, they will be redirected to the regular check-out process. 

Please note that with the invitation link, a participant can sign up for your trip even if the maximum group size is reached or the booking deadline has already passed.

Here is an example of the invitation email that your participants will receive:

Please keep in mind that your participants can only book the package you sent them an invitation for. No availability will be shown for other packages if they are sold out, or the booking deadline has passed.

Waitlist Details - If you click on a name in the waitlist, you will see the customer's first name, last name, email, notes to the organizer and the date when the customer was added to the waitlist
Send Message - This opens your email program to send the customer an email
Remove - This removes the customer from the list

That's it - you can now easily capture every interested customer and manage your waitlist with ease! 🎉

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