All of the participant information is available in the downloadable Excel sheet in your trip dashboard. 

Please go to My Trips - Manage trip and click on "Download Excel" above your "Bookings" list.

The first sheet contains general booking information. Participant questionnaire info is available on the second sheet named "Participant Information". Canceled participants are separately shown on the sheet "Canceled Participants".

Here's what the general booking sheet covers:

Buyer First Name & Buyer Last name - name of your client
Number of Participants - number of participants in the booking
Participant Names - names of participants in the booking

Currency - the currency used for the trip
Successful Payments - completed payments for the booking (excluding cash payments)

Refunds - refunds initiated to the booking
Pending Payments - any ACH payments that are in a pending status

Failed Payments - any payments that have failed
Cash Payments - all cash payments registered to the booking

Balance Due - outstanding balance of the booking when no payment plan is set up
Due in Later Installments - outstanding balance of the booking when it has a payment plan set up (excludes the Past Due amount)
Past Due - amount that is due now (as per set up payment plan)
Discount Codes - discount code used (if any)
Email - email address of the buyer
Booking Note - internal note of the booking
Booking Date (UTC) - the date the booking was made on
Trip start date - the date when the trip starts

Trip end date - the date when the trip ends
Packages - number of packages booked

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