Set up your invoice template

Create your template trip with appropriate photos, information, etc. Here's an example of what it could look like:

Publish the template.

Copy the template trip

This will create an identical copy of the template trip - text, photos, even the participant questionnaire that you set up in the Participant Info section will also be automatically copied and added to your new trip. 

Start to edit the copied trip immediately in the new tab or click on “Finish Trip” for the copy that was just created

Add the customer name to the title and set the correct dates

Click on “Trip Description” and add the customer’s first name

You can always modify your trip description, photos, and other details even in more depth.

Click on Price and enter the Price & Deposit - them click on “Publish”

Copy the link and send it to your customer or click on “Share via email” and send it directly from WeTravel. Emails sent from WeTravel will appear as if they are sent from your personal email.

Repeat as many times as needed!

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