Let's say you booked a trip and paid the deposit. You now want to pay the balance due or simply check the booking, but when you login to WeTravel, you can't find the booking. The first thing is to do is to check "My Trips" by clicking on this link: My Trips

If your trip is there, great. Just click on "Manage Booking". 

No Booking in "My Trips" 

If you can't find your booking in My Trips, then you have most likely signed up for WeTravel with multiple emails and might have accidentally created multiple accounts with WeTravel.

What email address did I use to sign up for the trip?

To find the correct email address used for your booking, go to your email inbox and find the email with the subject line "Booking Confirmation". Then, check which email address it was sent to. Now, go back to WeTravel, log out, and sign in again with that exact email address.

See example below:

If you have never received a confirmation email or you still encounter an issue, please feel free to contact us.

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