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How do I adjust the balance due for my client?
How do I adjust the balance due for my client?

This is a step-by-step description of how to adjust the balance due after a participant has signed up for your WeTravel trip.

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The "Adjust Balance" feature works in several use cases, such as when you have refunded some funds and need to increase the balance due on the booking or when you want to adjust the balance for your participant without changing the booking price.

Here is how you can easily adjust the balance due for your customers:

1. Go to your "Manage Trip" dashboard by clicking on "My Trips" and then on "Manage Trip".

2. In the "Manage Trip" dashboard, click "Adjust Balance" next to the participant's name.

3. Enter the new balance for that participant, in our example "$3300".

4. If there are multiple orders, you will need to adjust the balance for each one separately:

Please note that adjusting the balance due will not affect the package price. If a booking includes a payment plan, any balance difference will be either added to or subtracted from the final installment.

5. Click "Confirm New Balance" and that’s it! You have now adjusted the balance for your customer. Please note that your customers will not receive an automatic email notification after their balance has been adjusted.

IMPORTANT: When issuing a partial refund, if the balance due for the order remains, we provide the Adjust Balance option in the refund confirmation popup. This feature automatically fills in the new balance due by increasing it by the refund amount.

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