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Inventory Management: Resource Calendar
Inventory Management: Resource Calendar

Learn how to easily access the resource calendar and determine which bookings utilized resources on a particular date.

Updated over a week ago

To access the resource calendar, simply click on “Inventory” and choose “Resource Calendar” on the left side.

You can now view detailed resource information by clicking on the availability for a specific date:

Here, we will display:

Date - This shows the date you clicked on in the Resource Calendar.

Availability - This displays the number of resources that are available on the selected date.

Quantity - This indicates the total number of resources that you have allocated for the selected date.

Edit Resource Button - This button is located in the upper right corner and allows you to make changes to the resource.

Overbooked tag - If a resource is overbooked, you will see this tag next to the resource name in the upper left corner. To learn more about the Overbooked tag, please click here.

Bookings - This shows all the bookings that occupy the resource.

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