How to payout USD funds instantly?

Learn how to withdraw your USD funds in seconds.

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Send USD funds to your own account or your supplier's account quickly and easily! If you want to send USD funds faster than in 2-3 business days (the timing for a regular payout to a bank account), we offer instant payouts to your connected debit card.

If you haven’t added your debit card as a payout method to your WeTravel account yet, you can do that by following these quick instructions. Once your debit card is successfully registered, you can transfer your funds by clicking on the "Initiate Payout" button.

Instant payouts bear a 1.5% fee per transaction. You will be able to send a minimum amount of $0.50 and a maximum amount of $5,000 per day.

Don’t worry if the funds are not reflected in your account immediately - sometimes your instant payouts will arrive before you can say “WeTravel is awesome!”, but other times they might take up to 30 minutes.

Instant Payout FAQ

Can I add my debit card as a payment method if I have already added a bank account or a debit card in the past?

Adding a second Stripe payout account can be a bit tricky, as Stripe allows only one email to be connected to the account. When adding your debit card, please switch to your browser’s Incognito or Private Mode and enter a different email address in the registration flow.

Can I make a payout to a credit card?

No, instant payouts can only be sent to a US debit card.

Can I initiate an instant payout during the weekend?

Yes, you can initiate payout any day or time, including weekends and holidays.

Will a card that was issued outside of the US work?

No, your debit card must be issued in the US for instant payouts to work. If your card was issued outside the US, you will be presented with an error message when trying to connect it to your WeTravel account.

What's the difference between Instant Payouts and the funds available instantly on my WeTravel card?

Both Instant Payouts and the WeTravel card allow you to access funds available in your WeTravel account instantly. However, only funds transferred to a US debit card via Instant Payouts will be available for cash withdrawal.

Please contact us at if you encounter any issues or want to learn more about our instant payouts.

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