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Switch package/accommodation type for participant
Switch package/accommodation type for participant

Learn what to do if one of your participants wants to change to another package/accommodation type.

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You can easily switch your customers from one pricing (accommodation) package to another using the "Switch Package" feature available on the trip dashboard. Here is how to proceed:

1. Go to "My Trips" and click "Manage Trip". 

2. Choose "Switch Package" from the participant menu.

3. If necessary, choose the applicable payment order. Then, choose the new package and click on "Continue" and "Confirm New Package" in the new popup. 

4. View and edit the payment plan for the newly switched packages if needed.

If the new package costs less than what is already paid, the participant will not be automatically refunded. If you wish to issue a refund, you can do so in the dashboard.

The package switch has been successful if you see the following banner -- "The package has been successfully switched". Notification emails about the change will be sent to both you and your customer.

Switch package FAQ

Will my customer be notified of the change?
Yes, both you and the customer will receive a notification of the package change.

Will package availabilities be automatically adjusted?
Yes, both of the package availabilities will be automatically adjusted.

Is the client automatically enrolled in the new payment plan?
Yes, the client will be automatically enrolled in the new package's payment plan. You can always adjust the plan if needed.

What happens if my client is currently enrolled in a payment plan?
You can modify the payment plan immediately after switching the customer's package.

What happens to the add-ons purchased?
The add-ons purchased are still connected to the same user and will pass on to the switched package as well.

Can I switch the participant between two different trips?
No, the "Switch Package" feature only works within the same trip between different packages.

If you'd like to sign up the participant to a new trip please refrain from refunding and sign them up to the other trip using the "Add Participant" function

Will a discount code for the old package also be applied to the new package?
No, it will not be automatically applied to the new package. If you still want to offer a discount, please use the custom price function to adjust the price.

Are refunds issued when using switch package?
No, we never issue any refunds automatically. If the new package is cheaper, please calculate the refund amount after adjusting the package with the separate refund function.

What happens if the new package is already sold out?
No worries, you can sign up the client even if the new package is already sold out. We will show a "SOLD OUT" notification next to every sold-out package but the system will allow you to switch people to that package nevertheless.

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