How to postpone your trip?

Learn how to postpone your trip on WeTravel with a few easy steps.

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Postponing your trip is easy! It just needs a few steps in the trip editor and if you have clients already signed up then also in the Manage Trip dashboard.

First, please go to My Trips and selecting "edit trip" from the drop-down menu next to it. Edit the trip dates in the trip builder's Trip Basics section.

Next, go to the Pricing section to edit your deposit deadlines and payment plans for future clients.

To edit payment plans, click on the edit (pencil) icon next to the existing payment plan. To edit the deposit deadline date, please click on the date field.

Now publish the changes and you have postponed your trip!

If you already have clients that have signed up and you'd like to edit their payment plans to edit the payment schedule then just go to My Trips and click on Manage Trip.

There, click on "View Payment Plan" in the menu next to the participant (the icon with the three dots).

This will bring up the payment plan schedule with a large red button to stop the plan:

Click on "Stop Payment Plan". After that, the sum of all the outstanding installments for this user will still be shown as "balance due" and our system will stop sending the automatic payment plan reminders.

At this point, you can set up a new payment plan for this user as described in this article about setting up payment plans.

Once you've added the new payment plan, you've successfully updated/changed the payment plan for the participant.

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