To enhance your account's security, set up two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication requires two forms of identification to access to your account: your WeTravel login credentials, and one-time passcode you receive via text message. So even if your login details would be compromised, malicious actors still cannot access your account because they would need a second form of verification.

How to set Two-Factor Authentication?

Go to your Profile, then Edit Profile and in there you will find a section titled Login and Security. This is where you can set up Two-Factor Authentication for your account. Just click the Get Started button.

Follow the steps on the popup, enter your phone number, enter the verification code you'll receive in an SMS and you're all set. Next time when you log in to WeTravel, we will send you a new verification code to your phone number.

Do I have to set up Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is meant to enhance the security of your account. For this reason, once you collected a substantial amount from your participants, we will ask you to set up Two-Factor Authentication on your account.

We use one account with a shared password, what should I do?

Only one phone number can be added to receive the authentication texts for an account.

Sharing your account details with others is a risky proposition (and against our Terms & Conditions). To give access to your colleagues, we strongly advise you to use our Team Member feature instead.

What happens if I lose my phone number?

You can request your Two-Factor Authentication phone number to be changed. Find out more about it here.

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