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How do I set up Google Authenticator login on my account?
How do I set up Google Authenticator login on my account?

Learn how to set up app-based login step-by-step.

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Google Authenticator is a free security app and one of the options available for your login protection. It does not need any internet or mobile connection so you can log in to your account when traveling. Google Authenticator is also more reliable if you have problems with receiving text messages to your device.

In order to set it up on your account, go to your Profile >> then Edit Profile >> from there you will find a section titled Login and Security. This is where you can set up Two-Factor Authentication for your account. Just click the Get Started button.

Click on Use Google Authenticator and follow the instructions on the screen. You will first need to get the Authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded the app on your mobile device, in the app select Set Up Account. Finally, scan the barcode from your WeTravel account and you are all set!

Next time you log in to WeTravel, you will be required to enter a 6-digit passcode from your Google Authenticator app - it will typically work for 60 seconds before it expires and then the app will display a new passcode.

What happens if verification codes do not work or I want to switch from one two-factor authentication method to another?

You can request your Two-Factor Authentication phone number or Google Authenticator to be changed. Simply get in touch with our support team at and we will help.

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