Transferring funds from one WeTravel user to another is simple, fast and free. Discover how you can add a new Vendor/Partner to transfer funds to.

Note: You can only add and transfer to Vendors/Partners if your account is verified.

How to add a new Vendor/Partner

Go to Payments and choose Vendors/Partners from the left-hand side menu. Click on an Add Vendor/Partner button to get started.

Fill in the details of your Vendor and click continue.

If the Vendor is already a WeTravel user, they can be added to your Vendor list right away and if their account is verified, you transfer to them immediately.

If the Vendor is not yet a WeTravel user, they will be invited to sign up. You can add a custom message for your invite.

Once they accept your invitation and sign up to use WeTravel they will be added to your Vendor/Partner list and you will receive an email as well.

The Vendor/Partner you invite will need to get verified before you can transfer funds to them. You will receive an email once their account has been verified.

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