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How to create an attendance list from WeTravel?
How to create an attendance list from WeTravel?

Learn how to easily create an attendance list using the downloadable spreadsheet from your trip dashboard.

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Example Scenario

You have sold a group trip on WeTravel and used add-on options so that customers can book an event called “Dance Performance”.

You need a list that you can use at the entrance to easily see, which of your customers have paid for this add-on option.

Step 1

Download the Excel sheet in the “Manage Trip” dashboard.

Step 2

Delete all the rows EXCEPT “Name” and “Dance Performance” (or whatever your event is called). You can also delete the “Collected Funds” section.

Step 3

Click on column A - “Name” and select all participants
Click on “Sort by descending order”
Click on “Borders” and choose “All borders”

Congrats! You now have an alphabetically ordered list, which shows you exactly which customer has paid for how many of the “Dance Performance” add-on options. 

Print this list and bring it to your event to check-in your customers.

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