How payment plans work

With WeTravel's payment plans, you can collect funds for a booking in several installments. You simply set the number of installments and the dates when the installments are due. Our system then sends automatic reminders to participants when an installment is due. You set up the payment plan once and our system takes care of the rest. 

This article will show you everything you need to know in three parts: 

  1. Add a payment plan for a single participant who has already paid a deposit
  2. Setup a payment package where all participants booking it can pay in installments
  3. Payment Plan FAQs

1. Add a payment plan for one participant

Let's say you are organizing a trip for $2,000 and you have already collected a $1,000 deposit from a participant. Now, this participant is requesting to pay the remaining amount in 4 installments. 

To set a payment plan for this participant, go to "My Trips" and click on "Manage Trip".
In the "Manage Trip" view, select "Add Payment Plan" next to the participant's name:

Next, define how many installments you want and when these installments are due.

Once you click on "Save Plan", the payment plan is set and the participant will automatically be sent an email with their payment plan schedule.

2. Setup a payment package where all participants booking it can pay in installments

If you would like to make a payment plan available to any participants that wish to pay in installments, you can do so in your "Trip Builder".

Just create a new trip, or go to "Edit Trip" of your existing trip and then go to the "Pricing" tab. 

After entering a deposit, you will see a button labeled "Add Payment Plan".

Now, set how many installments you want and the dates when these installments are due. Then, click on "Save Plan".

Select if you want to allow participants partial payments. You can do this by ticking the "Allow partial payment" checkbox. If this is checked, your client will be able to pay any amount when making a payment until a trip is fully paid.

That's it!! 

Every time someone signs up for your trip, they will have the option to either pay on this payment schedule, or pay for the trip in full right away:

Note: This example shows a scenario where there is just one pricing package for the trip; however, if you would like to set up multiple packages and make payment plans available just for one or a subset of them, the set-up process is the same for each package. Some organizers choose to set up standard (non-payment plan) packages with certain pricing and charge a small premium for packages that permit payment in several installments. So, WeTravel gives you the flexibility to configure as many or as few payment plan-based packages as you like.

Payment Plan Requirements:

  • Payment plans can only be added if the trip departure is more than 30 days away.
  • Installments due dates must be at least 7 days apart.

3. Payment Plan FAQ 

What automatic reminder emails does WeTravel send?

How can I change/stop a payment plan? 

Does WeTravel automatically deduct funds from my participant's account?

Is there any additional fee for using payment plans?

What if a participant misses a payment deadline?

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