Advice and answers from the WeTravel Team

1. Create a beautiful trip page

In just a few minutes, create a beautiful, shareable trip page with itineraries, photos and custom details all in one place. See example.

2. Promote your trip

Choose whether to privately invite friends via social media & email or promote your trip on our marketplace. 

3. Easily collect money: 

As soon as you created your trip page, you can collect deposits, check balances, issue and save money on exchange rates. All at industry leading rates (see pricing).

Watch this short video to see how it works:

Who uses WeTravel 

FIT travel arrangements, Harvard Business School treks, independent yoga retreats, digital nomad rendezvous in foreign cities and dance trips to Cuba are all being organized through our site. Our payment & booking system has powered thousands of trips to over 80 countries.

Travel organizers hate wasting countless hours and bugging people for money. They use WeTravel to spend more time doing what they do best - organizing fantastic trips.

How much does is cost to use WeTravel?

Learn more on our pricing page.

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