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Participants per Booking feature

Learn how to set up a specific number of participants per booking

Updated over a week ago

If you offer double, triple, or any other type of rooms or bookings, you can now set a minimum number of participants per booking.

The option to set this is under the Pricing tab in the Trip Builder:

The default is 1, but if you change it, participants can only book for the multiple of that number.

For example, if you set the Participants per booking to two, this package can only be booked for 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. people.

How does this look for the Participants?

When the participant books for the trip, they will only have the option to book the multiple of what you set the number as. For example, if you set the minimum per booking at 2, they will see the following options:

If you set the minimum number of participants at three, they can select the following options:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does my package show as sold out when I still have one spot left?

If you have set the participants per booking to 2, but you have one spot left, the system will show the package as sold out. A minimum of two people will have to book, and since only one spot is left, this won’t be possible.

Why can my participants not use their discount code?

The discount codes are per participant. If you set the discount code to 1 use, but the minimum of participants per booking is 2, it will show the discount code as invalid.

Can I set a flexible number of participants?

Currently, it is only possible to set a fixed number of participants. Suppose you want to add one person to a booking where the minimum number is not 1. In that case, you can temporarily edit the number of participants and manually add the participants to the booking.

What is the maximum number of participants possible?

You can set the minimum number of participants per booking to a maximum of 24.

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