Calendar View for Upcoming Trips

Would you like to conveniently access all of your upcoming trips in one organized view? Learn how to do it in this quick article!

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If you have multiple trips scheduled simultaneously and wish to improve your departure and resource management, you now have the option to view your upcoming trips in a calendar format. This feature enables you to view your trips in chronological order, making it easier to manage overlapping departures and plan effectively.

First, please go to My Trips and select Upcoming Trips from the menu, then click on “Calendar” as shown below:

We will display all of your one-time, recurring, and sold-out trips. You can conveniently review your trips by clicking "Today" or filtering by week/month:

Additionally, you can filter the trips by Availability (Partially Booked, Sold Out, No Booking) and Trip Status (One-Time, Recurring):

Don’t worry if you select multiple filters simultaneously - they don’t cancel each other out.

IMPORTANT: By clicking on any trip in the calendar view, you will be redirected to that trip's dashboard.

FAQ about Calendar View for Upcoming Trips:

Is this feature available to the team members?

Yes - if team members have been granted access to trips, they will see them in the calendar view.

Does this feature work on both mobile and web browsers?

Currently, the calendar view is only available on the web browser. We kindly ask you to use a desktop to view your trip calendar.

What do the different colors mean in the calendar view?

By default, all trips are displayed in blue color, while your sold-out trips are shown in orange.

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